Deeply inspired by Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project, I decided to launch the Building Bridges Project.

Waking up everyday with the energy that drives you to achieve your dreams, finding meaning in work and life, feeling you are living for something greater than yourself, devoting your life to a cause that is dear to our heart: people call it being passionate. 

Passion exists in every one of us. My own passion is Music and even more, Violin. This passion exists because I was lucky to have masters, parents and friends that helped me discover it, but also nurture and develop it. Lucky as well to come across a number of wonderful artists and passionate leaders across very different fields who have been a great source of inspiration. Musicians, teachers, scientists, chefs, politicians, journalists, with one common denominator: an unsatiable passion for life.

I want to share what I received from them.

I want to share all these moments, conversations, hands shaken, eye contacts, which inspired me so much and helped me live my own passion.

Through notes taken from my conversations with those passionate leaders, I will explore the structure of their lives, highlight their similarities, and show how much they feed each other, across fields, for intellectual and emotional survival.

I hope this will help other people find some keys to their passion.

I welcome your feedback and perspective and want to keep this as a dialogue. You can reach me through the contact form which is below.

See you along the way!



They are supporting and participating in the Building Bridges project

(complete list of people coming soon)




Didier Sandre, de la Comédie Française, is a French actor. 

He appeared in more than sixty films since 1973.

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Jérémie Rhorer is a French harpsichordist, organist, composer and conductor.

He has conducted some of the finest orchestras in the world.

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Thierry Saussez is a French communication counselor and founder of the Spring of the Optimism.

He has worked with some of the finest politicians and head of states around the world.

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Pierre Colombet is a French violinist and founder of the Ébène Quartet.

He has performed all around the world and realized awards winning recordings.

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Frédérique Bedos is a French journalist and founder of the Imagine Project.

She has produced and realized awards winning movies that received global recognition.

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Jean-Laurent Cochet is a French comedian and legendary drama professor.

He wrote several books, his students include Gérard Depardieu, Emmanuelle Béart and Fabrice Lucchini.

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Philippe Jaroussky is a French singer.

He has performed all over the world and is considered as one of today's best singer.

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